Thriving, Goals, and Education- The Beginning

Helping my family thrive instead of just survive, I am a mom with a few scars and some semi-tailored plans. Being a very visual person, I love pictures and as a consequence you will see a bunch of them on my site! For me, learning and education is not just for school-time. Learning is a whole-life, never-ending, often fascinating, hang-on-for-the-ride thing. The experience of education DSCN5086creates freedom from current conditions enabling you to dream more, to think deeper, to further love practically, and to worship more truly. Therefore, learning is not only about books, it consists of the experiences gained, the opportunities sought and the lessons learned through it all.

Correspondingly, my goals for my children are first to worship GOD through everything they do and secondly to help them learn how to teach themselves. As I write, I hope each post will show you that you don’t need to be perfect to homeschool your children. My hope for this blog is that, in showing my everyday life, it will be encouraging to you. During the times I confront problems, bad attitudes and behaviors (my kids, my husband’s, and mine!) and encounter breakthroughs and successes, I hope you will join me in the learning experience. When things go wrong, I’m here to commiserate with you and celebrate with you when they go right and praise GOD for all the unexpected blessings in between.

So, comment and let me know you’re there, what you are thinking, and what you would like to know. Just keep it clean and encouraging! Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter!

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