The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling Part 2

I’m so sorry I’m posting so late!  Yesterday we kicked it with friends and decided to stay up a bit too late and I’ve been really feeling it all day.

Last time I gave you one pro and some cons to get you thinking about what homeschooling would look like in real life, because no one should go into something blind of the negatives.The Pros part 2  Now I would like to give you the real life positives of homeschooling as I have seen them.


Scheduling Freedom

Special Events

If you get wind that a special event will be near town for a week, it is easy to take the entire week off to enjoy it.  Versus writing the school a letter and speaking to the teacher, collecting homework for the teacher and stressing your child out when they see the said stack.

Flexibility during difficult times

We all have those times when life hits us hard.  Maybe your child wakes up sick to their stomach or you get a call that a loved one has been in an accident and is in the hospital.  Instead of trying to pretend everything is fine, send your child to school and do life as usual, you can postpone any lessons that need a different time and day without many, if any, worries.  And as a bonus, your child gets to do life with and learn from you.  Real-life experience.  How cool is that?


Now I know this is normally on every homschool critics cons list but in real life this is really on the pros side and I’ll tell you why.

Child to Child

Have you ever felt awkward around people who are not your age?  Me too!  But I can tell you that no matter their age, each one of your children will be comfortable with those above, at, or below their age.  Homeschooled children interact with people all of the time, which helps them to learn how to speak with each person as just that, a person, and not an age that they may or may not be comfortable with.  Once a child’s confidence is built they will converse with anyone who will listen and listen to those who converse with gladness.  They are much better at making friends with anyone they have something in common with.

Child to Adult

Your children are naturally curious about the world around them, including the people in their world.  They are able to learn easily from adults and interact with them on a professional level much sooner than a child who has been kept among their same-aged peers for most of their lives.  Just think about it.  Your children will be interacting with the mailman, baker, grocery store clerk, banker, etc on a daily basis.  They will get to go to the art museum and speak to a docent intelligently about Picasso or the techniques used to paint Starry Night.  They will benefit from having adults to themselves during the in-school times.


Emotional Stability

Promoting Positive Peer Pressure

As a parent you have the right and responsibility to promote a positive peer influence around your children while they are under your care.   Utilize those times to promote the pursuit of excellence within your child without having to do any fussing.  A little friendly competition never hurt anyone and a little cheering always spurs you on.

Less to No Bullying

Although negative peer pressure can and does happen in the different homeschool environments, for instance a child in a play group being aggressive towards your child or even sibling squabbles, you have much more control over how long it lasts and its effects on your child than you would in a more traditional school setting.  You an correct the negativity with love and positivity.


With the time to master topics and ideas comes confidence which can help your child weather any storm that may attack who they are and what they do.  This alone will help them go very far.

As an added benefit, while attempting to create positive peer pressure experiences for your children,  you will begin to evaluate the people you keep around you and your family.  Those nags will fade away, and the gossips will disappear making you a much more balanced person.  Allowing your children to be more emotionally stable than others because as mother goes the children are likely to follow.

Closer Family Relationships

Iron Sharpens Iron

Speaking of you influencing your children, because of the increased time you will be spending together as a family there will develop an unbreakable bond. During everyday activity you will learn each others’ strengths and weaknesses. Another bonus you can tell when your child is lying or telling the truth a lot faster. The increased time can create times of grating, hence the mention in the previous post, but it will also smooth the rough spots, sharpen and polish the blade. Your children will actually enjoy helping one another to the point where you may have to tell them to stop doing their sisters work!

Done by Noon

It’s really easy for your homeschooler to be done with all of their school work by noon everyday. The reason is because there is not a lot of downtime between subjects. In Traditional School you would have math with many worksheets where the teacher would have to ensure that each student understood the concept , if you have a teacher who isn’t burned out already, then they would take a break everybody would stretch by their seats or there may be a water break or even a potty break. Within The Homeschool it’s really easy to redeem the time stolen by those little incidentals and move into another lesson activity. So for instance, in our household we spend an hour on math everyday then directly after that we go into one of our readings. Then from there we would do test-986935_1920science and after that another reading or maybe copywork.  Between or even during some lessons we may have a water break but our water fountains are not all the way down the hallway and we don’t have to get up as a class to go, thereby saving time.  Even though you have days where the pencil has magical abilities to not appear when it needs to you still know where your supplies are you don’t have to worry about the small things.


No Standardized Testing

No teaching to the test and only the test.  Drop Mic.  Enough said.


Small Class Size Benefits

Lower Student to Teacher Ratio

The homeschool will have less children per teacher compared to the traditional school setting, especially most public school settings.  A homeschool benefits in the way of an old schoolhouse, the older children help the younger children thereby creating many teachers from the effort of one.   The goal of the homeschooler is not to teach per se, but to help a child learn how to teach themselves.

Character Development

Because the lessons can be over by noon that lets the teacher off the hook to do other things, which gives your children time to work within the dynamics of your home and community.

Alvin helping Princess read a book.

Alvin helping Princess read a book.

This unfettered free time can do wonders for your child.  For example, developing initiative, cooperating with those in their community to get things done.  They will learn how to make better choices.  As they make better choices and help others they will develop confidence in their abilities.

Curriculum Choice

The beauty about homeschooling is you have your choice of curriculum.  A Ready Made Curriculum ( If You Want It ) can give you convenience and sticker shock, but it has already been mapped out and al you have to do is follow directions.  And out of the ready made Curriculum you have your choice between the different educational theories.

Then you have the This n’ That Curriculum where you can take certain parts of different curriculum, combine them, and use it how you want.  This gives a lot of freedom to tailor the lessons towards each child.  There are also Free Curriculum available which are a combination of Ready Made and This n’That on a free to nearly free budget.  I will go into more detail later.  Lastly you can have a Child-Led curriculum in which you have a very flexible and loose curriculum based on the child’s interests.


As I was typing this Sleepy looked over my shoulder and gave this one:

Sleepy’s Homeschool Pro: You don’t get calls from the school

proving that you can still be scarred from a phone call made to your momma in second grade in front of the entire class.


Next up, a more in-depth discussion on Socialization and the Homeschool.

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