After Illness: I’m Finally Back!

It’s been a while since I’ve written,  but it’s for good reason.   For the last few months I have been in a kind of battle.  On top of the severe exhaustion, I contracted a virus, which I thought was the flu, that left my body aching with pain, my uvula swollen, and my voice subsequently gone for a week.  Just when my body was starting to feel more “normal”, I came down with the real flu.


It had been six years since the last time I had Influenza and I had forgotten how awful it really is.  Fever, chills, seemingly never-ending cAfter Illness_oughing resulting in my gasping for any air that I could get in between each cough.  It literally hurt to breathe.  My lungs hurt and the muscles in my rib cage echoed the sentiment all the way around to my back.  My entire body felt as if I had been run over repeatedly by a Mack truck with spikes sticking out of the tires and the snow chains still on.  I felt like roadkill.  Yep, Splayed like roadkill.  Despite Chad’s repeated attempts to get food into me, I just had no appetite and lost seven pounds in one week.  So, I looked like death, felt like death, and to add insult to injury, at the very end of my contagious quarantine my body decided to take all of the virus it had killed and display it, like a child displays their living room wall masterpiece, in an itchy, painful eosinophilic-type blast all over my face.   At this point I had been in the house for a week and a half straight and was so desperate to get out of the house that I wore one of my scarves around my face and hair to not make anyone sick from looking at me.


During my long recovery period was when the world found out about Prince dying from the flu, and at once I completely understood on a physical, not just knowledge, level how that could happen.  It took three weeks for my body to start to feel normal when the bottom fell out, which added another two weeks to my recovery.  Let me just say that depression sucks as well, but I’ll write more about that later.  Intersperse a few bouts of extreme exhaustion in this saga and it is nothing short of a miracle that I can write to you today.  So, check back at the end of the week when I finally get my second post on Deschooling Momma published.  It’s been waiting for a long time and I can’t wait to share it with you!

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