1 Advantage of Homeschooling

If you are on the fence about homeschooling your child or even in the thick of homeschooling take this fact into consideration:

1 Advantage of Homeschooling

You can take advantage of late nights and not miss a learning beat the next day. Unless you want to.

Of course this is just one of the many benefits of homeschooling and I will show you why.


It seems as if the past month has just been all about basketball! Every night the Cavs played was a chance for my children to spend a bit of time experiencing the game with daddy. Even though some of those nights they were very tired due to a long day, at times I would find Alvin on the couch rocking himself to sleep or Roly already asleep on the floor somehow tuning out Honey’s yelling at the screen, they would try their best to stay up just to spend time with Daddy.  The next day, if they didn’t stay awake until the end, they would ask Daddy “Did we win?”.  The shared experience bonds them with their dad creating love and admiration between them and a common interest which they can talk about as they become adults. Especially since on Sunday they got to see the Cavs win their first championship since before we were born!  Events like this can not only bond a father and his children but also create a sense of belonging or connection to a home city and the people in it.


Time flies when you are having fun!  So if an opportunity arises, take it!


When studying astronomy and you find out that the Perseid Meteor Shower will be happening and your sky will be clear enough to see it. Drive to your darkest sky and allow your children to stay up and watch the shower! Don’t forget the bug spray! And you will be able to share this experience as a family and talk about it for many years to come.


Other reasons you may allow your children to stay up way past bedtime are:

  • If a pet is going into labor and is close to giving birth, it is an excellent way to show the wonder of life.
  • Someone is getting married and the celebration is still going strong. Party like it’s 2099!
  • Extended family has come to visit.
  • To see the election results.
  • NBC Broadway Shows
  • Award Shows
  • Family Movie and Games Night
  • The birth of a sibling


Remember those late nights we spent cramming for tests and finishing late started projects?  Homeschoolers have no need to do that!  Taking advantage of these family building moments provides a non-dictatorial way to relegate your child’s late nights to very special events and not procrastination make-up times.  It’s an easy way to create a healthy habit!  And the best part is, you don’t have to get up at a specific time the next day!  It is all up to you when you awake and when or if you start working through the day’s lessons.  Yes, you can make that choice and not be ashamed.  As a homeschooler you have freedom, live in it.  Don’t let the time fly by without making memories!


If you think of any other times that I’ve not listed feel free to place them in the comments below!

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