When Life Doesn’t Cooperate With Your Homeschool Plan

Go Hard or Go HomeIt has taken us almost two years to start and complete our botany lessons. (Doesn’t that make you feel better?)
Two years!
Of course there are excuses that make this semi-okay. We started after finally completing astronomy, as winter was approaching meaning a drastic decrease in natural light. Therefore although we could complete the first project, which unfortunately didn’t turn out right due to a very powerful light bulb (we essentially cooked our seeds instead of germinating them) we couldn’t complete the rest due to said lack of sunlight and a lack of living nature around us. Darn you winter. Darn you.


Don’t get me wrong, living in the upper midwest has its perks, brutal winters that cleanse the air and drastically reduces the annoying bug population is high on that list. But it has some drawbacks, the not-so-living dormant plant population being one. So I was left with a dilemma: do we keep going with our lessons and postpone the experiments until the spring or postpone the entire book until spring? Of course me being me, I chose a mixture of both. We interspersed our botany lessons with a review of our astronomy lessons, all with the intention of going hard core in the spring.


Intentions are funny little things… Seeded ideas that can bear fruit or grow roots only to whither and die. The later was the result. Between gathering financial paperwork, signing a myriad of documents and househunting, botany and pretty much everything else besides math and reading took a backseat. Good thing we didn’t get very far into the book.


Spring and Summer passed and in November was when we finally got back to Botany. This time we chDSCN5876(2)ose to make it all the way through the book, even without any living plants around. Thankfully there is a beautifully maintained garden near our new home that we visited in October giving us plenty of memories to think about. We took lots of pictures which brought to our remembrance various botany terms we had learned previously. (This hands-on trip seemed to help Roly and Alvin understand better what we had been learning.) With the arrival of Spring, Chad and I thought it would be best to start at the very beginning with the first failed project. We worked on two experiments at a time until we completed them all, which hopefully will be by the end of June.


Take Away: Find a way to accomplish what needs to be done sooner rather than later.  In other words: Go Hard or Go Home!

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