2 Main Reasons Why You Should Supplement Your Child’s Education – Part 1

What?!  Doesn’t the school take care of all of that?


Whether your child goes to a public or a private school, 8 or 9 times out of 10, you will need to supplement your child’s education.  Only the most elite, and hence the most expensive, schools will graduate your child with most of the necessary tools to enable them to think critically while embracing their creativity in order to successfully confront life’s twists and turns.  But elite prep schools are just not an option for most of us.  Here is one reason you should consider supplementing your child’s education:


The School is not meeting your child’s needs.

The Teacher’s Dilemma

Please understand that most public school classrooms will average around 16 students to every 1 teacher, and your child’s teacher’s job has become increasingly complicated in the last few decades.  They

Pictures courtesy of hoyasmeg Pyro Non-Sense, rady one from everystockphoto: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/

Pictures courtesy of hoyasmeg Pyro Non-Sense, rady one
from everystockphoto: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/

desire to teach your child wonderful, helpful knowledge and delve deep into the whys but they have been inundated with mandatory state testing, which requires them to “teach to the test”.   Mrs. Teacher can only proceed as fast as the weakest student, or in order to make sure the rest of her students pass the test, she must make the difficult decision to leave that child behind or risk losing her job.  If that were her only problem, it would be hard enough, but she also has to deal with discipline issues from students (which historically the parents dealt with). This takes away precious class time and the lack of physical exercise for the children leaves them antsy and not able to cooperate and learn effectively.  Thus if your child, with sour face, comes home and exclaims to you “Why do I have to learn this stuff?  I will never use it anyway!” Then you may have one or more of these issues at play and your child may be getting left in the cracks.

Athletic Potential

 Another issue can come up if your child is a star athlete and you don’t want to forgo his chances at the big leagues.  The school he attends has an excellent sports program and the coaches have seen the promise he has, but the academics fall short.  You, being a very wise parent, understand that sports do not last forever, which is especially true for the contact sports.  Most pro athletes are done by the age of 35 and some, depending on the sport, are considered too old by the age of 18.  To compound this short career span, most will blow all of the money they earned within two years of retirement from the sport.  The supplemental education that you as a parent could provide your child would pay very big dividends in the future.

Interests Diverge

There are also times when your child may be doing very well in their academics.  Maybe they are in accelerated courses and have been placed on the college track, but what they really desire is to learn automotive, theater, woodworking, home-ec, or art.  Your school may not have those options available, or if it does, the guidance counselors will discourage him from taking those courses because he needs to take the recommended college-prep courses so he can get into college and get a good job paying good money.  These interests provide a well-rounded education that will make your child unique and increase their creativity.  His interest in woodworking may help him in paying his way through college.  His interest in sewing and art could lead to a lucrative shoe design business which may impact the world for good.  You never know!

Laziness or Indifference

Or you may think your child is lazy but in reality he has become bored with what is being taught because it is too easy.  The way to recognize that:  When you speak to the teacher or look at his report card you may hear this “Justin is very bright and well-mannered.  He is a joy to have in class, but he does not complete his homework assignments although he knows the material and does very well on the tests.  Grade: C+/S/US”  These are the children who have been sacrificed to the system in the opposite direction and need your help Mom/Dad to get their excitement for learning back.  Maybe they have an outside interest in psychology.  Or even feels like they” will never use this stuff.”
This post has gotten a little long.  So we will continue next time with Part 2.  In the meantime here are some sources to peruse at your leisure.
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