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the-serpent-and-eve-bannerWhile reading chapter 10 of Educating the WholeHearted Child by Clay and Sally Clarkson, I restarted a journey that fell by the wayside long ago. It was a journey I had begun while not fully understanding my true goal and desire.  Chapter ten is all about the method the Clarksons chose to help them instill a love for GOD and HIS WORD, the Bible, within their children.  Since neither I nor my husband grew up with a Bible study or devotional time in our homes I began to take this to heart.  In my heart, I was excited to have my heart’s desire put into words, but my mind was thinking “This sounds great!  So… how can I apply this to my family?”  Up until now I have been groping my way along, starting with a consistent nightly reading of the Toddler Bible with Giant to being very inconsistent to nonexistent when Roly came along.  With each pregnancy, I became increasingly tired and with each child, my focus grew more towards surviving rather than bestowing the love and knowledge of GOD within their minds and hearts.  Still in the dark about what was truly happening, we started homeschooling and used Ambleside Online’s Old and New Testament reading schedules (albeit not as intended), moved to Keys 4 Kids and finally to the YouVersion App Family Devotionals.  Yet in my heart I knew something was missing, I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Now I know, it was the love that was missing!  Out of exhaustion and mild depression, I had been treating our Bible devotions as an item to check off my to-do list which led to my inconsistency.  So to get back to feeling and instilling the love of GOD in the hearts of my children, I am now looking for an excellent story Bible to help us get back to experiencing and deeply desiring the love of GOD.  I will use most of the fall season to experience with my children the real stories from the Bible, versus relying on devotionals, and let them hear, from GOD HIMSELF, how much HE loves them.  Y’all keep me accountable!

Some Bibles I am Considering:

Family Time Bible in Pictures

Egermeier’s Bible Story Book

The Story for Children NIrV

Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible

The Golden Children’s Bible

The Illustrated Children’s Bible

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