Brain Fog Day: Teaching Self Sufficiency At Home

One day this week I started the day in a fog.  A great mental haze. Have you ever had that experience?   Try as I might, it was something I just couldn’t shake. It was like my brain was telling me “Must. Go. Back. To. Sleep.”  Quickly, I had to decide between three options.  Whether I would:
1. Continue to fight through it and possibly have my children look at me crazy.
2. Declare this a free day off for my children and go back to sleep.
3. Make the school day a light work day and give my poor brain a break.

Quickly I eliminated my first option.  My children have had enough days to look at me crazy.  Today was not the day.

Number 2 was out.  My children patiently waited for me to fix their breakfast by playing together,  which of course required much yelling, bumping, drums, and loud laughter, along with the occasional sad faced, belly rubbing appearance to mommy to show me that they were hungry.

20160119_104707.jpgThat left me with option 3, which I prayed would work.  What I really wanted was option 2, but my children depended on me to feed them.  That gave me an idea.  “Why don’t you guys fix some pancakes?” “We don’t know how. ” “We have cook books that tell you how.   Go get the one that says Cooking and look for pancakes.  Its near the front.”  This resulted in my boys becoming excited and busy, which gave me some much needed time to try to get myself together. It also resulted in a lot of questions.

“What is self raising flour?”  “What’s caster sugar?”  “How do I measure two ounces of butter?   All we have are tablespoons.”  “What temperature do I put it on, it doesn’t say?”

“Use regular flour and add a half teaspoon of baking soda.”  “Use regular sugar.”  “Look at the measurement magnet on the fridge, it tells you how many ounces are in a tablespoon.”  “Mix in a teaspoon of vinegar before you start cooking.”  “Put the griddle on 325°F.”20160119_105853.jpg

My children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and gained a new skill whch they were very proud of!  Giant even made donut pancakes which got him interested in pancake art.  One more step towards independence and self-sufficiency!  So along with a brief amount of math and some educational apps, my children were able to learn how to cook one more thing for themselves.   Thus increasing my hope that one day I may be able to roll over and go back to sleep on a brain fog day.20160119_105844_20160121162708461.jpg

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