About Homeschool Portfolios For Year-End Assessments

Homeschool PortfoliosI’m one of those people who desperately desires to be organized, but I’m not. So every year when it is time to get the kids assessments done I’m scrambling to find anything that will show what they have been doing all year. I have their math there, their artwork is in a folder somewhere. I forgot to take pictures of them doing this or that… Hopefully blogging will help me with this part. I have even forgotten to make a list of the books we have read from the library so that’s down the tubes. Microsoft Word becomes a good friend while I’m typing up their reading lists, that is, as long as it doesn’t freeze on me. I’m literally on edge from the time I start working on their portfolios to the day of their assessment.

Maybe you’ve done as I have and not been as diligent keeping up with all that you’ve done the past year. Or maybe you’re just curious as to what a portfolio would look like. Either way, I’ll show you my bare bones portfolios that we just finished.


Plain Three Ring Binder

I place each boy’s portfolio in a three-ring binder. Nothing fancy, just what I found on clearance two years ago.


homeschool portfolio page 1

This is the official first page of Roly’s portfolio. Here I start with the year the portfolio covers, then I go into each “class” and list the resources we used, any of Roly’s accomplishments, his goals for next year, and our goals for him. Then we move on to the next “class” Reading, where I list everything he has read since the last assessment. This keeps going and going.


Homeschool Portfolio page 2 and 3

On to more of the reading list. It is massive. I could have just named the title of all of the books and been done, but I wanted our assessor to see exactly what he has been reading, since some of these books are a collection of stories. Even though we didn’t do much with handwriting, I kept it on there because I plan to do more with it this coming school year. I grouped Social Studies, History, and Geography together because that is how we work on them. I could have moved some of the reading list over here since it does cover these “classes”, but just didn’t feel like it. Maybe next year!


Homeschool Portfolio pages 4 and 5

The next page shows what Roly did in Science, Art, PE, Health (this is one of our state’s required subjects), and Foreign Language. Again, I just kept it short by noting the Resources we used, Roly’s accomplishments, his goals for next year, and our goals for him.
The last page contains our overall personal reflection of how Roly has done the past year compared to the previous years. We note where he has grown or not grown, and what we hope for him. Normally this is a lot longer but I was a little wonky so I let it be.


Homeschool Portfolio Math

Homeschool Portfolio More Math

More math work


Homeschool Portfolio More Math

So I had Roly take both the US and Standards Assessments for Singapore Math, just to see what he may know.  When I purchased the program I didn’t realize there was such a huge difference in the amount of information you learned.  It looks like it catches up when you get into the next year but the Standards edition clearly covers a lot more information.


Homeschool Portfolio More Math


Homeschool Portfolio More Math


Homeschool Portfolio Art Samples

Roly’s Art samples done in watercolor.


Homeschool Portfolio Handwriting Sample

Roly’s Handwriting Sample. This was his best one yet.


Homeschool Portfolio More Math

I threw this in for overkill. I didn’t have a lot of samples for the rest of his subjects and I had forgotten to pack his Science Journal, so this was the next best thing to show that we were working through our lessons!


Normally, for each subject, I would have beginning, middle, and end of the year samples to show.  But with us moving and getting started later than planned I wasn’t very organized this year.  Really, I was just glad that we got something done!
All of the stress I put myself through this year is enough to make me change it up.  Every month of this next school year I hope to update the kids portfolio with the things they have done and some observations we have made.  My goal is that by the end of our school year I will have a ton of options to choose from to include in their portfolios (and it will already be in their portfolios. Bonus!).  And since I now have three children for whom I need to complete a portfolio, I desperately need this plan of attack.

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