Planning a Move While Homeschooling

Let’s face it.  Moving is a pain, a big pain in the you know where.  But add to that children and all of their things and it becomes an ordeal.  Add to that schooling supplies and it becomes an very anxious ordeal.  Especially when you are purchasing a home because if you are like most folks you are relying on a loan to help you purchase the home which puts you at the mercy of your particular financial institution.

Here is what I learned from the ordeal:

1. I shouldn’t have packed our school supplies so early!
We found our home at the very end of May and submitted our bid right away, but negotiations took about six days to complete! Once those were done and the terms accepted, we were rejoicing and figured we would be moving in two months. This was during the summer, so we decided to postpone our schooling until after we moved, assuming we would only have a brief break, then we would get back into it. We completed the inspection and everything went very well and we were singing like Bill Cosby’s kids when he gave them cake for breakfast.
Then the bottom dropped out. The bank called to let us know the appraisal came back lower than the purchase price. To keep this deal alive, we either pay the difference or the sellers come down on the price to less than or equal to the appraisal or the deal is dead and we’re back to square one. We decided to go back to the table. That took another four days to get an answer back from the sellers. Game On! But now we’re praying that nothing else goes wrong! At this point we have thoroughly packed up all of our school supplies because I didn’t want to forget anything. Five days. FIVE DAYS before we were set to close we get a call from our financial institution resulting in a one and a half month closing delay. There was a lot that I left out, but please know that instead of starting our lessons back up in August, we weren’t able to start back up until the middle of October. Which leads me to my next point.


2. Don’t Fret! Pace Yourself
We are homeschooling and we can adapt a lot easier than we think. Once we moved in and were semi unpacked we began our lessons, starting out very slowly. We chose to use our first week back to work solely

Alvin walking by the Washington Monument.

Alvin walking by the Washington Monument.

on math. We had to review a few concepts that we forgot over our break, which made me really appreciate the Singapore Math Intensive Practice books, which provided our much needed math review. Our third week we added History, nixing the timeline cards. Fourth week saw the addition of science. We stayed with this schedule, tweaking our times to see the maximum benefit with each subject and each child. After Thanksgiving we finally added our daily literature readings and Bible Study with the Illustrated Children’s Bible which I found at our local library. Starting in January I hope to add composer, artist study, cursive handwriting and a more consistent copy work. Eventually our nature walks will resume when it gets warmer. Taking my time since we do homeschool year round.


3. Better Box Labeling Is A Must!
As we started unpacking, I realized that for all of my labeling, I didn’t label well enough. Looking for all of their school supplies took forever! All of the boxes with school supplies were labeled just that, School Supplies. That really didn’t help much. Smh. Their math books were in two separate boxes. Pencils were in a box underneath some really heavy boxes. We have books galore, which needed to be shelved before we could find their Literature, history, and science books. Our pencil sharpener turned up in a box labeled office. I still don’t know where our dry erase crayons are, but c’est la vie!


4. Life Does Count For Something!
During our in between time, we were able to get in some life experiences. We went on more nature walks. We were able to see my sister graduate with her PhD! Such inspiration! While there we visited with cousins and experienced Washington DC. Therefore our children were able to not just read about our history, but really experience it. Our visit outside of the White House made some connections with Roly later on when he saw the White House on tv and realized we had been there! The White House visitors center was so worth bearing the heat, as it provided a wealth of information on the lives of our Presidents and physical artifacts for viewing! Before we left we made it to the Smithsonian which allowed us to speak to our children about our roots as African-Americans. Next time we go we plan on spending more than a day in DC as there were so many places we wanted to visit but didn’t have enough time. I can’t wait to go back and visit the African-American History Museum and the Lincoln Memorial and maybe actually go inside the White House.

So there is a lot to be said for moving a homeschooling family. Hopefully you can learn from my victories and mistakes and make your move a less stressful and successful one.

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