About Us

Homeschool Hannah G

is a blog about a family living against the local grain.  Our mission is to change the world, starting with ourselves.  In making ourselves better and broadcasting it to the world and untold millions of galaxies, we hope that you can learn from our mistakes and imitate our successes.  In doing so, we hope that you will share in our journey of changing for the better, and pass it on.  Together we can make this world beautiful, one person, one soul at a time!

About Me

DSCN4531 (2)Hannah G is actually not my real name.  My real name is Carmen.  So what’s with the name?  Well..  It is named after my favorite person in the Bible, besides Jesus of course!  If you guessed Hannah you’re right!  If you don’t know her story feel free to read about her life here.  Hannah’s story really encouraged me during a difficult time in my life and has continued to focus and propel me on in my desire to live totally for my GOD.  If you want to learn more about my story feel free to go here.

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About My Family

Meet my beautiful, crazy, and sometimes annoying family!

DSCN4442 (2)Chad is my wonderful husband!  He is long-suffering, kind, loving, a real competitor and the best trash talker I know!  Most of the time I refer to him as Honey, because he is the Honey in my tea and brings balance to my soul.  I love you Honey!


DSCN4885 (2)Sleepy is our wonderful, unplanned, oldest son.  Most days you can find him walking back and forth driving me crazy!  He is my thoughtful experimental scientist.  Loves reading all types of books and is currently learning how to play the electric guitar and teaching himself to code.


DSCN5364 (2)Roly is our middle son.  We tried to become pregnant for months before we found out he was on his way.  He is very athletic and likes to play jokes on his friends and family.  He hates getting reprimanded and is always hungry.  “Mommy, I’m hungry!” hence the name Roly.


DSCN5348 (2)Alvin is our youngest son.  He has scared us so much in his young life.  He was diagnosed with Failure to Thrive when he was an infant and was given an NG Tube to help him grow.  We shed many worried tears over him in those days.  Now, he is our Loudest child and extremely active!  At times I have to remind myself that GOD gave him his loud voice for a reason and pray that I will get to see the purpose for it before I die.


DSCN5262 (2)Princess is our only girl besides our dog Ivy and she takes that role very personally.  In the words of a Hobby Lobby Wall Art “Though she be but little, she is fierce”!  We have no worries about her safety.  With three older brothers and her proclivity to hit and punch anyone who crosses her, we think she will be just fine.


DSCN2824 (2)Ivy, our dog.  We believe she is a ChiPin mixed with something else .  We adopted her about a month before we found out we were expecting Alvin.  Her previous family thought she would stay very small but she kept growing so they didn’t want her.  She is skiddish, but protective and very friendly if you pet her.