Our 2016-17 Homeschool Curriculum Plan

This year has been the most stressful year in regards to shopping for curriculum.  For months I have been mulling over: What exactly, if anything,  am I going to focus […]

Our homeschool curriculum for Pre-K, 1st, 4th, and 7th Grades

Marraige and the Homeschool

Marriage and the Homeschool

Busyness.  Competing priorities.  Activity.  Constant, incessant hum.  White noise. This can describe life for the primary homeschooling parent when it comes to making decisions between their marriage and children.  At least […]

Homeschool Momma and Papa Wellness

Homeschool Momma and Papa Wellness

Being a homeschool family has many joys, but it also has its challenges.   One of those challenges is maintaining wellness.  As homeschooling parents, we start homeschooling for many reasons, but our main goal is always to provide our children with opportunities that will equip them to be successful in life.  But that harmless goal can quickly lead to an obsession that will suck the life out of you, your marriage, and your family. 

Homeschooling on a Meager Budget

So you desire to homeschool, but you don’t see how it could possibly work because your budget is meager to say the least.  We’ve been there.  Living paycheck to paycheck […]

How to Homeschool On A Meager Budget

4 Beginning Homeschooling Resources

If you haven’t seen the rest of my posts in this How To Homeschool: Before You Start Series  check them out!     During our research journey before beginning homeschooling, […]

12 Homeschool Methods and Philosophies

Wow!  This past week has been a wonderful time of rejuvenation for me!  For that reason, I did not post last Friday and Tuesday as I normally do.  Sorry about […]

12 Homeschooling Methods To Consider Today!

On A Much Needed Break

My hubby and I needed a break from our everyday routine so we’re taking it!  Come back next Friday for a brand new post in the How to Homeschool Series.  […]